About Us

Some of you may already be familiar with Winganna Lambskin. The Winganna brand has been around since the 1970’s but we have been associated with babies, not pets – until now.

After getting involved with medical sheepskin whilst working in the trade many years ago, we discovered the amazing benefits of sheepskin on the human body. A few years later after the birth of our first baby we then researched the benefits of lambskin on babies and we were introduced to the Winganna brand and fell in love. Enough to take over the brand a couple of years later.

We have always promoted the benefits of lambskin for babies – keeping them cool in the summer, warm in winter, keeping moisture away from the babies skin along with the comfort of a familiar scent of home and family attaching itself to the wool fibres so baby always feels at home wherever they are. Well these benefits apply to pets too!

Once our babies grew older and pets came into the family, we then used the off-cuts from our Winganna Baby Lambskins to make beds for the pets which included dogs, rabbits, chicks and ducklings (and not forgetting our rescue squirrel!).

So here we are – Winganna Sheepskin for Pets.

Kathryn and the family team.

Ps. Just so you know. We are animal lovers here at Winganna and most of the family are either vegetarian or pescatarian. The sheepskin we use is a by-product of the meat industry and would simply go to landfill if we didn’t turn them into beautiful natural end products for humans and pets to enjoy. We love the planet too and lambskin is 100% biodegradable unlike the cheap synthetic products you can buy so when in many, many years time you may have finished with your sheepskin, it will simply become part of the earth again.