Luxury Oval Sheepskin Pet Mat with Crimpy Wool (Koala Grey)


This oval shaped sheepskin pet rug in crimpy wool koala grey makes an ideal liner for your pet bed or basket or can simply been used on its own. Size 54cm x 35cm.


These oval shaped sheepskin pet rugs make ideal liners for your pet bed or basket or can simply been used on their own.  Made in England from offcuts from sheepskin originating in North America, these merino sheepskins have a dense wool pile providing all the amazing benefits that sheepskin brings.  These particular sheepskins with their silky touch are also used to line the interior of a range of luxury cars that insist on using only the finest materials for their clients so we are sure you will be more than happy for your pets to enjoy them too.

With wool fibres that are naturally absorbent, you can be assured that your pet will keep warm, dry and cosy.  Sheepskin has medical benefits too as the dense wool fibres help support your pet’s joints and may help prevent aches and pains. For more information on the benefits of sheepskin, please read our article Why Sheepskin makes an Ideal Pet Bed.

Size: 54cm x 35cm

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