Why Sheepskin Makes an Ideal Pet Bed

Where do we start?  Well we know lambskin is perfect for us humans, particularly babies and the elderly so that makes them just as good for our pets too.  Here’s why:

Natural sheepskin has been used for years for relieving aches and pains in humans. The wool on our  merino sheepskin pet mats is so dense that it helps support and take the pressure off your pets limbs and joints.

Often used in hospitals, care homes and for humans recuperating from illness or operations, medical sheepskins are known to help reduce pressure sores by minimising the pressure to one body part by supporting the whole body. Whether your pet is very young or at a grand old age, the sheepskin pet mat will provide comfort and support.

The wool fibres on a natural sheepskin (unlike cheap synthetic materials) are coated with lanolin which is secreted by animals which bear wool to help them repel rain water.  You may have noticed in recent years, many skin products contain lanolin and are used to treat skin conditions and it also acts as a barrier cream. So you may find that your pets fur is more glossy when using the sheepskin mat regularly as it can help soothe the skin.  Lanolin also helps deter bacterial growth and other irritants.

Sheepskin is a natural thermostat and keeps your pet cool in summer and warm in winter promoting restful naps and long interrupted sleeps. 

Sheepskin being a tough leather product is more durable than many synthetic products and will give your pet many years of pleasure and comfort. Our pet beds have been tried and tested on Roger our family friend’s Dalmatian and if he hasn’t eaten it or ripped it to shreds, then I think we are safe! At this current time, we are only offering short wool lengths as we have heard about some dogs trying to rip or tear off the wool on sheepskins with long fibres. So for now, we will stick with short!

You can take the sheepskin out and about with you in the handy cotton bag it arrives in, so wherever you are, your pet will have the familiar comfort and scent of you and your home. Ideal too if your pet is staying elsewhere whilst you are away.  You will take comfort in your pet being happy and content whilst you are not there.

Last but not least, our pet sheepskins are SO luxurious that they complement any home.  Available in both classic and on-trend colours, visitors to your home won’t realise they are for pet!